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Consumer reaction to the Horsemeat scandal has been to flood into butchers shops in a major demonstration of the trust they have in their local craft butcher.

The revelations of what has been going into supermarket products and ready meals has made customers turn to the integrity of their craft butcher. Their provenance and local traceability can be demonstrated and that is just the assurance that customers are seeking.

The quality and assurance of Scotch Beef is unique and Scotland’s butchers are delighted to meet and serve new customers who recognise that they should be buying their meat from their local craft butcher. more...

Your Natural Choice
For generations, Scottish Craft Butchers have been an important part of the community, supporting local jobs and local people. You can always trust them to use reputable suppliers in sourcing the very best meat, with a traceability system that tells you where every cut comes from.
"We know where our meat comes from."


Prepared by master craftsmen at prices to suit your pocket - that's the guarantee of the top quality produce you'll find at your local Scottish Craft Butcher. Steaks and joints are matured in the traditional way under hygienic conditions to guarantee levels of tenderness and quality you can rely on, time after time!
"Craft Butchers cut it."

Product Range

Scottish Craft Butchers take pride in making and preparing the largest selection of fresh and cooked products such as sausages, bacon, cooked gammon, steak pies and other convenient kitchen ready products, most of which are prepared daily in store.
"Variety is the spice of life."

Quality Control

More than ever, freshness and safety of food is a major concern for consumers everywhere. As the fina;l link in the chain of production from farm to fork, Scottish Craft Butchers all have a full HACCP* system in place to ensure the quality of their produce and reassure customers that they can buy with total confidence.
"A real taste of quality."


Scottish Craft Butchers are committed to ensuring their customers can buy the finest meat and meat products in a friendly and welcoming environment where you can always count on service with a smile!
"A supermarket shelf will not speak to you."


If you're looking for help with recipe ideas or advice on meat cuts, product contents, quantities to buy and cooking times, look no further than your local Scottish Craft Butchers for professional advice that you know you can trust.
"They know what they are talking about."

For quality, taste and value, there's no better place to buy your meat than at a Scottish Craft Butchers.
"Your Natural Choice."

*HACCP: Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points - a risk assessment system originally designed by NASA.

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